Sony's Bluetooth A2DP MicroHiFi

Sony’s CMT-U1BT is the first player from Sony (that we’ve seen) to feature A2DP Bluetooth 2.0 specifications, which means you can stream audio to the device from across the room. You can either use an A2DP-enabled phone or a PC with an A2DP-enabled dongle – either way, you don’t need to be directly plugged into the receiver.

If you’re lacking an A2DP device, you can connect via USB or use the free A2DP Bluetooth receiver dongle, which can plug into any headphone jack. The unit itself has 2×25 Watt RMS speakers and a vertical slot-loading CD player to play back MP3 CDs as well as regular CDs.

The main draw of this unit is the A2DP, which means you can place your speakers in your living room and take your phone with you anywhere in the house, effectively controlling the music wherever you go. Never again do you have to be stuck with a lousy track as you squeeze out a dook – just reach in your pocket and fast forward.

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