Old and Busted: Bottled Water—New Hotness: Bling H2O

For all you Crunchies who have been searching for a way to liven your bottled water experience, I believe I have a solution for you. Bling H20 comes to you from some undisclosed spring (probably a tap water faucet in the Bronx), but who cares about water purity when the 750ml frosted bottle is bejeweled with Swarovski crystals? It’ll set you back $56 per bottle, though I’d argue that that’s a small price to pay to bling out completely (with bottled water).

Unfortunately, his water definitely isn’t for me. As Biggs can attest to the bottle of Moss water I sent exploding into the Times Square sidewalk, I’m vastly safer to those around me with plastic bottled water.

Bling Water For the Uber-Rich [BornRich via Gizmodo]