Neoware Thin Client Laptops: What Hard drive?

Hard drives are for suckers. Ok, maybe not, but they are easily compromised should your laptop be stolen or lost. While for most of us it’s not a big deal for some thief to find our “ScarJo_Naked_mov.avi” files, it’s something large corporations live and die by. The loss of laptops containing sensitive data is in the news from time to time, and, as usual, you don’t want to be the guy on the news.

Neoware, a thin client company, has developed a series of thin client laptops based on the Citrix infrastructure. Running either Linux or Windows XPe, the laptops aren’t just terminals. Sporting a 15″ screen that maxes out at 1600×1200, the notebooks boasts the stereo speakers, USB, modem, VGA out, LAN and WiFi any other laptop would have.

In addition, their proprietary security software makes it almost impossible to get to your data. If keeping your intel out of the hands of ne’erdowells is important, think thin.

Neoware m100 Notebook [Mobile Whack]