Motorola Q Pro, Back in Black

The Motorola Q was the brief-but-exciting sweetheart of the Windows Mobile world but a few months ago. Affordable, with a slick Treo-meets-RAZR form factor, it made smartphones sexy for the first time in awhile. But it’s been lamented for being stale, with other contenders improving on Moto’s design while Moto just stands there.

But the Motorola people are upgrading the Q. The “Q Pro” is a beefier shot across the bow of the BlackBerry. The Pro will offer the same form factor as the current Q, (with upgraded hardware, and in black), but will include a back-end software suite featuring remote device management, e-mail sync, firewall protection, encryption, and VPN connectivity. This symbiotic device-and-software marriage is what sets RIM’s offering apart from other smartphones, and so far nobody else has stepped into the ring.

We’ll see it early next year, and though there’s no pricing yet, we can expect that it will be targeted towards business customers who want to purchase several for the sales/support/weight-loss/management/sorcery teams, with a premium for the “MOTOPRO management suite”. See, Motorola charges more for the CAPITOL LETTERS.

Morola Q Spotted in the Wild
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