Jobs to Newsweek on Zune: "What, Me Worry?"

Steve Jobs, the closest thing to Santa Claus we still believe in, sat down with Newsweek for a little chat, in which he gives his opinion on the Zune from Microsoft. When asked if he was worried about the upstart WiFi-enabled MP3 and video player, he responded, “In a word, no.”

He goes on to say the wireless capabilities of Zune aren’t impressive and that the song sharing “takes forever.” This means we might not be getting the wireless love we want in our next iPod.

Steve, we’re iPod fans here. We own a few. But we’ve seen the song sharing in action, and have actually shared songs from one Zune to another, and while it’s not instant, “takes forever” might be a little much. You then say it’s better to share earbuds to get into that girl’s pants. Thanks, Steve, but that’s just gross.

Speaking of pants, he favors Levi’s, duh. Read the article for a little more iPod insight.

Good for the Soul [Newsweek]