Arcade In A Box Is Literally That

This is not a controller. It is not a component for a MAME cabinet. It is a full-on gaming PC. Burn your PS3 pre-order form, the Arcade In A Box is here to stay. With a full compliment of audio and TV-outs, as well as traditional VGA, this might be the next PC we get.

It’s made for gaming, not just in its spec sheet (2.88GHz proc, 512RAM, DVD, XP Home Edition, 128MB video, USB, so on), but in the fact that it has built in joysticks and a trackball, all arcadified. And it comes with the Atari Anniversary edition and Midway Arcade Treasures, ready to go.

Your living room can by like a Chuck-E-Cheese circa 1987, but without the brats or ball pit. Sure, $1799 might be a bit steep given the mid-range values of those specs, but it’s a damn arcade console, man, with USB!

Arcade In A Box [Product Page, via Oh, Gizmo!]