Rumor: Another PS3 Delay In Europe

Things just don’t seem to be going very well for Sony, at all. After all the console bashing, the shortages and consumers being simply fed up with all the crap Sony has been feeding them you’d think Sony would get their act together from here on out. Well, just to pile on the heaps of bad news here’s some more:

MeriStation is reporting that Ken Kutaragi recently admitted that supply problems for Japan and North America could force the European PS3 launch to be delayed until May — which would mean that Japanese and American consumers might have their systems nearly six months before the eager gamers in the rest of the world.

MeriStation is actually a Spanish gaming system that has no direct ties to Sony, so none of this information is confirmed. If the rumor does turn out to be true, we’re going to see even more pissed off European gamers. It seems as though Sony isn’t even trying anymore. Maybe they’re disappointing for the world for the publicity? Remember, earlier this week, every single PS3 preorder at Gamestop sold out a few hours in.

Rumor: PS3 Delay In Europe [engadget]