Microsoft Launches Xbox Live Pipeline

Microsoft’s Xbox Live Pipeline website launched today, and it’s looking pretty damn cool. Using drop-down menus and a new layout, all of the features available on Xbox Live Marketplace are easily accessible from the website. To be honest, Xbox Live Pipeline is actually easier to browse through than the Xbox Live Marketplace because of the new layout.

Though Xbox Live Pipeline is up and running, none of its content is available for download. If you click around for a bit, all you get is a direct link back to the official Xbox website. It is also unclear how XBLP will connect to your Xbox 360. As far as we know, it may require users to already have a connection set up between their PC and Xbox 360. It could also work by using your Xbox Live account and sending the information to your account and then downloading directly from your Xbox 360 to your HD. Of course, that doesn’t really make XBLP too different from XBLM, other than the fact that you get to browse with your PC instead of your 360. Either way, it’s a cool concept we’re sure to learn more about soon.

Microsoft Launches Xbox Live Pipeline [gizmodo]