Cingular Stands Up for the Little Man

Cingular took three telemarketers to court yesterday for making calls to their customer’s cellphones and for making their customer’s calling records private through “pretexting.”

Cingular said Sebell conspired with a Dominican Republic business Florida Vacation Corporation, to make the calls in June and July 2006.

Its second lawsuit alleges American Broadcast Systems Inc. of Seattle, Washington, used an autodialing system to send prerecorded messages about “free vacations” to customers.

In a third lawsuit, Cingular said that Go2Prepaid LLC of Miami, Florida, also made unsolicited prerecorded telemarketing calls to Cingular customers using a similar system.

Well, that is nice, though. That Cingular would care enough to stand up to those clowns is quite a feat. Why would they do it, I wonder?

Cingular sues telemarketers for unsolicited calls [Reuters]