Chuck E. Cheese Creator Opens First uWink Restaurant

Nolan Bushnell, founder and former CEO of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese, announced that the first uWink restaurant will open Monday, October 16th, in Woodland Hills, California. What’s uWink you ask? Well like all good dining franchise experiences, it distracts you from the quailty of your dining companions and the food with a gimmick; uWink does it by letting you turn your meal into a social networking event. After all, why waste time interacting with the people you’re with when you can use “uWink’s proprietary network and entertainment software, including the uWink Game Library.” Why hell, you don’t even have to talk to the pesky wait staff since you order food, drinks and media directly via touchscreens at your table.

We almost forgot to mention, the restaurant is split into “Activity Zones.”

Zone 1 – the Patio
Active both day and night, the patio is the place where guests can exercise their choice to enjoy their evening outside. Passerbs will certainly notice guests have fun at their table and the large exterior monitor reflects all fun being had inside. The entry and host areas provide the introduction to a whole new dining experience.
Zone 2 – Studio A
Visible from the entry host, this smaller room provides a more intimate dining experience. Comfortable booths at the edges and smaller dining tables with chairs provide a variety of seating and at the table entertainment options.
Zone 3 – Studio Bar
The central bar and lounge area features the most active drinking and entertainment experience. A few steps above the main dining areas, the bar provides a great place to see and be seen and home to the 6 player PARTY TABLE, our social interaction lubricant game.
Zone 4 – Studio C
The largest of the dining experience features a formal presidium stage and a variety of seating options. Ideal for the table-to-table and room play this area also can become an instant quiz show venue or presentation stage.

We’re sure this franchise idea will spread like herpes at a college kegger, but that doesn’t make it right.

uWink [Company Site]