Wireless Audio from Your USB Port to Your Stereo, on the Cheap

Onkyo has submitted information about a sneaky new set top box and matching wireless USB device (not Wireless USB, the forthcoming new standard) that streams audio to your stereo via your PC’s USB port. It works in the 2.4GHz frequency (like your cordless phone) to deliver the music to your auxiliary in, but it’s not known what standard (if any) it uses to do this.

Being that it has its own transmitter and receiver, this might end up being a low-cost alternative to WiFi Jukeboxes that often cost upwards of $150. And since we’re gleaning these tidbits from an FCC filing, all the information we have is what Onkyo has in its descriptions, which are cryptic at best.

Onkyo to ship wireless USB audio transmitter [TG Daily]