LED Rat Throwie

I think there are a few signs of the coming apocalypse — nukes in North Korea, Katie Couric, and now this. This is a rat throwie that sticks to any metal surface and has two glowing eyes. Best of all? It’s made from a real rat, and you can make one for yourself with only some rats, some magnets, and a sense that you are far superior to anything on this earth and that it puts the lotion in the basket.

See, you start with frozen rats, skin them, stuff them, and then put in the LEDs. Then you throw them at stuff and make them stick. Why, you ask? Because skinning frozen rats, stuffing them, and then putting in LEDs is a great way to while away the hours until the next episode of Laguna Beach. Try it. You’ll see.

LED Throwie Rat (or Mouse) [Instructables]