Gamestop: Preorders Are Over

This is going to be short and simple, I don’t want to revisit my morning of sitting outside of Gamestop and having the manager say, “Sorry, we’re out,” when I was next. Anyways, all 3,600 Gamestop stores are sold out of PS3 preorders and have been sold out since 2:00 PM today, central time. The max number of preorders each Gamestop had was 16, and only 2 of them were allowed to employees. There goes the “Gamestop employees getting all the PS3s” rumor. While I was waiting outside, the manager of the Gamestop did have to make an announcement stating that your preorder may not guarantee you a console on launch day. Gamestop also has no word on when they will be receiving new consoles, so this could be all they are going to have for a while. Kotaku also reported that the Gamestop spokesman told them that the PS3 preorder sell-out was much faster than the Xbox 360 preorder at the chain. I’d argue my usual Xbox 360 point right now, but I’m just too damn dissapointed.

Gamestop PS3 Preorders Are Over [kotaku]