The Putter To End All Putters

I never got into golf. I think it’s because I prefer sports that involve some amount of sweating (edit: And the fact that it’s lame. – Blake). Though, if I ever take it up, I’m totally going to buy one of these putters, so I can whoop anybody I play. The comes the DiXX Blu Digital Instructor from South Korean company Infinics.

The putters sensors and LCD screen help you align the club perfectly with the ball before you take a swing. It literally gives you the “green light” when you’ve got it in the right place. In addition to all of this, the putter collects data such as the path of the swing, swing speed, impact position and the angle of the putter’s face on each of your swings. How it measures the angle of your face is beyond me, but it seems pretty fancy pants. On sale later this month in Japan for ¥98,000 (US$832).

CEATEC: DiXX Blu intelligent golf putter to create millions of Tigers [Digital World Tokyo via Sci-Fi Tech]