Sharp Unveils 4k TV

In the year 2010, you’ll be watching 4k video. That is, video shot at 4096 x 2160 pixels, at 60 frames per second. Or something similar. That pushes HD up the ladder by a factor of 4. It’s your TV in the future, and the company that will bring it to you will be Sharp.

Yes, the same Sharp known for that anemic “organizer” that your grandmother got you for Xmas in 1999 when you asked for a Palm Pilot. Sharp recently showed the world its new 64-inch ASV “Super HDTV.” The 4:2 aspect ratio is a bit odd by today’s standards, but so was 16:9 a couple years ago. But look at the numbers: that’s 8.84 megapixels. That’s probably more than your digicam, hotshot.

Do not look for this ultra-high rez screen anytime soon, as it’s a prototype to prove a concept. But the fact that Sharp (SHARP!?) is in on the 4k game means that there probably is a future for 4k and it might be here more sooner than later. You’ll be able to watch footage shot with the mystical Red One camera natively in your living room, and your kids will think it was always like that. We hate your brats.

Sharp Presents Industry’s First ‘4K x 2K’ Direct Viewing LCD Panel
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