Psile Media PCs: Stylish and Quiet

CoolTechPC, a mail-order PC house in southwesten Washington, has introduced us to a fashionable, drool-worthy new PC, the Psile series. These media PCs are outfitted with impressive specs, but that’s not why they’re cool.

The design is intriguing: CoolTechPC has eliminated the noisy fans, so even when the machine is booting up, it makes almost no noise at all. The idea here is that you’ll forget it’s there, which is good for a Media Center PC in your living room. But then they’ve gone a step further in making a remarkably artistic machine, with customizable skins you design yourself, so if you do happen to notice it, you really do notice it.

The Psiles feature Wi-Fi, DVR capabilities, wireless keyboard and mouse, Intel Core Duo proc at 1.83GHz, a 320GB HD and up to 2GB RAM. Of course, TV in-and-out is included. It’ll run you about $1,700, plus shipping, but if high-end entertainment is your thing, it’s not a bad way to go.

Psile Quiet Media PC [Product Page]