Starbucks Beds iTunes, Births Unholy Three Headed Beastie

So I’m sitting in Chicago right now. Gavin’s web connection is worthless, so I’ve been planted in a Starbucks all day, listening to the most horrendous music ever (except for right now they happen to be playing The Decemberists, which is the first good song they’ve played in six hours).

Anyway, I’m sure many people come into Starbucks and think to themselves, “How can I get that terrible song I heard while getting my iced mocha mocha with low fat cream, no sugar and baby vomit?” Well if you’re one of those people, you’re in luck.

Starbucks has announced an arrangement with Apple to put its Hear Music catalog on iTunes. If I didn’t have noise canceling ear buds, I’d probably take an ice pick to my eardrums.

Starbucks’ Hear Music now on iTunes Store [iLounge]