Renault Concept Car With Two iPod Docks

Renault unveiled their new concept car, the Twingo, last week. On the outside, it doesn’t look like anything better than that old Geo my ex-girlfriend used to drive, but the inside packs quite a gadget-y punch. There’s a chiller in the back for 8 drinks (8, Renault? Have you ever bought an 8-pack?), a 15-inch LCD screen in the dash which is connected to the internet-connected PC, and speakers which face the back for some reason. The most interesting feature are the iPod docks. Yeah, I mean more than one. This car allows you to plug in two iPods and use the in-dash mixer to DJ it up. So you and your friends can create that OutKast/Andrew Bird mash-up you’ve been dreaming of while you drive.

Renault’s high-tech Twingo Concept [Motor Authority via Engadget]