Burger King Offers Xbox And Xbox 360 Games

Here’s one I didn’t see coming. Burger King has announced it will be releasing three Xbox and Xbox 360 games that will be available for $3.99, with the purchase of a value meal. The three titles, rated E, are Pocketbike Racer, Big Bumpin’, and Sneak King. Two of the three games will feature online play via Xbox Live. Just what parents need: their kids eating unhealthy food and then wanting to go home and sit in front of the TV with their new game. If the games offer Microsoft Achievement Points, don’t be surprised if they sell like crazy.

Joystiq purposed the question, “Why is Burger King offering actual games for $3.99, rather than the cheaper route of selling digital download codes that would allow users to download the games as Xbox Live Arcade games?” I think the answer is just better marketing strategy. The purpose of a fast-food joint is to come in, point at a number, quickly get food, eat it and leave. When a consumer is presented with a game available for purchase right in front of them, they will be much more inclined to pay $3.99 to get their hands on it right away. Burger King will be offering the games from November 19 to December 24, and please don’t get someone one of these for the holidays.

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