TechCrunch 8: Party In New York

Our seventh TechCrunch party, held at August Capital two months ago, was a blast. Over 800 attendees sipped wine, checked out some new companies and watched a nearly naked man streak through the more fully dressed attendees.

We will be announcing TechCrunch 8, a party in New York, in the next week or so. The venue and date are 90% nailed down. If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please email Jeanne Logozzo for details.

Thank You To TechCrunch 7 Sponsors

We had an excellent group of sponsors for TechCrunch 7. Some information on many of their companies and products are below (this is sponsored text).

Spotlight: FiveRuns and Stash Space

FiveRuns — Web 2.0 Systems Management
FiveRuns is a sleek, hosted web application that presents relevant, actionable data in an appealing and logical user interface. Perfect for IT professionals using open source software such as Linux, Apache, JBoss, Tomcat, and MySQL, it also fully supports those maintaining traditional systems running Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, and Mac OS X. If you’re not monitoring your systems now — you should be. FiveRuns makes it simple and at a fraction of the cost of traditional management software. TechCrunch readers can sign up now for a free 30 day trial here.

StashSpace is powered by; the service offers a way to easily take video recordings from a variety of digital devices and create active archives that can be shared with personal communities. It comes with a suite of storage, tagging, editing and broadcasting features for creating custom videos that can be accessed only by the specified communities. Community members may also download the homemade videos to iPods, order DVDs, or play it online. A special feature, called StashFeed, also allows users to create video feeds for other personal online Web spaces, such as MySpace and Weblogs. Adding new videos, or editing existing ones in StashSpace will automatically update the files in these other spaces. See Marshall’s writeup on StashSpace here.

Product Demo Roundup:

ConceptShare is a new Web application for sharing visual designs with others for the purpose of gathering and managing effective feedback by using a rich media interface for commenting, and marking up designs of all kinds.

Flock is an innovative social web browser that strives to integrate all that’s cool about the Web.

Genius, creator of SalesGenius, instantly delivers individual e-mail open information and web visit data directly to those who are responsible for customer engagement: front-line sales and marketing professionals.

Meez enables users to quickly build animated avatars that can be used all over the internet: community profiles, IM, blogs and more.

oDesk : Hire Alpha Geeks From Around The World…and watch them go to work

Plazes is the world´s first geo-location community bringing physical presence to the Web. Users can share their whereabouts and favorite locations with friends and family and explore what´s nearby while on the move.

is a just-launched service that will enable a new model for aggregating podcast content by allowing “station directors” to program topic-specific podcast channels, and to recruit their own talent to be the podcasters.

Real Time Matrix — Matching and delivering personally relevant content from the Web the instant it is published.

SoonR – SoonR’s AnyTime storage beta provides mobile and remote Web access to data stored on computers, even when the source computer is not connected to the internet or turned off!

We are pleased to let you know about a special product offer for TechCrunch readers only! You may receive SoonR’s AnyTime service FREE by sending an email to:, and including the phrase, “I want it AnyTime.”

TheFind is a soon-to-launch shopping search engine that strives to find every product for sale online and delivers the very best, most targeted products right on the first page of results — TechCrunch readers may sign up now.

Wink is the Social Search Engine that uses people’s contributions and feedback (like bookmarking, rating, and organizing links) to make it easier to find and share current, relevant results.