Pioneer Wants To Kill You

I’ve always thought that having a DVD player in your car dash was like having people talk to you while you’re walking a tightrope. It seems like you should only use it when you’re driving extremely long distances—or at extremely high speeds while piss dunk. Either that, or get it in the back seat for the kiddos.

Well, Pioneer seems to disagree. In a big, big way. They’ve introduced a new entertainment center for your car. I’m talking a 7-inch wide TFT-LCD (234 x 480) Screen, GPS and Navigation System, a 30GB Hard Drive, DVD/CD-RW (which only burns in Atrac3 format for some reason), and an 50W×4ch amplifier, which right now has an FM tuner, but will eventually have an iPod hook-up. Ya know what, I hope this really takes off. I hope all of Japan buys this thing when it’s launched later this month. I also hope that everybody uses the buttons on the dash instead of the included remote. Remotes are for wussies.

Edit: I’ll be sure to stay off the roads if Gavin gets his wish. – Blake

Pioneer introduces car ent systems with HDD [NewLaunches via SCI FI Tech