Griffin's New disko Much Like Tara Reid: Plastic and Tacky

Jonathan Ive and his design team at Apple set a watershed when they developed the clean, streamlined design of the iPod. Considered still to be the ultimate in form and function, there is little to improve upon. So why not go the other way and completely vivasect their diligent work with this new disko case from Griffin? Obviously designed by some executive’s stoned 13 year-old daughter after one too many trips to Spencer Gifts, it not only protects your beautiful iPod from scratches and dust with its durable polycarbonate exterior, but the ring of bling around the Clickwheel changes it from the belle of the ball to the tramp of the moment in no time.

The lights are a series of LEDs that get the cue to activate from motion sensors in the case. That means if you pick it up, it starts doing its thing. Its three colors sequence through five, yes, five patterns, so that nobody could possibly get bored with the fact that they’re basically staring at a Lite Brite that’s missing a few hundred pegs.

Now you don’t need to load videos to your iPod to enjoy your music with your eyes as well as your ears. This oversized, gauche case makes it possible to take the party disko wherever you go. And not the cool, coke-fueled disko from the 70s, no we mean the sanitized, family friendly Tang disko from the early 80s. Ew. We’re looking forward to the last days of disko (ha! ha!). The worst part is, Griffin will probably sell a hundred thousand of these things.