It's Got Wood: Wooden PC Mods

Suissa Computers, for lack of a better word, are beautiful. These are custom computers made from maple, zebrawood, walnut, goncalo alves, lacewood, leopardwood, paduak and more. As you can see, the computer is not completely covered in wood- the wood is just an outer shell for the PC. The interior body is clear, letting you see all those high-end components that you paid hard earned cash for. After you’ve picked out the case mod you like, you get to pick out the components. These PCs are NOT cheap—even the cheapest Suissa will run you $6,000. All the PCs use AMD processors (sorry Intel fans), Asus Deluxe motherboard, GeForce 7900 GTX, 2GB ram and a 960GB HD. When you break down the price per component, you aren’t over paying by much.

If you don’t want to customize your own system, Suissa also offers PCs for specific jobs. You can choose between home/office, gaming and entertainment. You can always start with one of these and upgrade the parts as you go. Suissa Computers also takes custom orders, so if your wallet can handle it. you may be able to sneak an Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme into your machine.

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