Shilling for Cash

shill.JPGThis isn’t quite a tech post, but it’s an interesting bit of reporting by our older, yet still cool, uncles, over at TechCrunch. PayPerPost connects bloggers with advertisers, meaning that “shills” can connect with “the man” to sell “crap.”

The real rub is that the bloggers are expected to write good stuff about the products they’re shilling and that they not disclose their relationship. When we at CG shill, we do it out in the open so everyone knows it. However, most bloggers on the “longish tail” don’t have the extensive contacts and access we, luckily do, and therefore can’t afford to turn down the chance for access. So what’ll it be, The lady or the tiger?

Bloggers, most definitely, deserve the respect and access afforded even the hackiest of hacks and local news outlets around the world. Unfortunately, it’s hard to gain and maintain that access and PayPerPost pretends to offer that. But this is false access and it’s called shilling. Bloggers should should approach this practice with caution if not loathing. Offers to Buy Your Soul [TechCrunch via BusinessWeek]