Buffalo DriveStation Duo Offers A Lot Of Hard Drive To Love

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No one likes to come up short in the storage department and Buffalo Technology knows this. That’s why it’s launched the DriveStation Duo USB 2.0/FireWire external hard drives–WiFi connectivity would have been nice. These drives come in 500GB (HD-W500IU2/R1) and 800GB (HD-W800IU2/R1) capacities and are compatible with PC and Mac.

And since each has two 7,200rpm SATA hard drives inside, they can be switched between RAID 0 (data spanning) or RAID 1 (data mirroring) at your bidding. As usual, Buffalo throws in some solid software such as its SecureLockWare for encrypting your precious ones and zeros and a backup utility from Memeo, which I’ve tested and can say that it’s a sweet solution for the backup impaired.

The drives hit this month at estimated street prices of $299 for the 500GB and $599 for the 800GB.

Buffalo Technology

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