Buffalo DriveStation Duo Offers A Lot Of Hard Drive To Love

No one likes to come up short in the storage department and Buffalo Technology knows this. That’s why it’s launched the DriveStation Duo USB 2.0/FireWire external hard drives–WiFi connectivity would have been nice. These drives come in 500GB (HD-W500IU2/R1) and 800GB (HD-W800IU2/R1) capacities and are compatible with PC and Mac.

And since each has two 7,200rpm SATA hard drives inside, they can be switched between RAID 0 (data spanning) or RAID 1 (data mirroring) at your bidding. As usual, Buffalo throws in some solid software such as its SecureLockWare for encrypting your precious ones and zeros and a backup utility from Memeo, which I’ve tested and can say that it’s a sweet solution for the backup impaired.

The drives hit this month at estimated street prices of $299 for the 500GB and $599 for the 800GB.

Buffalo Technology