Ageia Announces Development Of PCI Express PhysX Card

Ageia has announced that they will be developing a PCI Express version of their PhysX graphics card, which is currently only available for PCI. The original Ageia PhysX card isn’t really a card that you would find in most gaming computers. As of June 2006, Ageia only had 6 games that support the accelerated PhysX engine and just doesn’t add much to newer video cards. It’s unlikely someone will buy an Ageia PhysX card plus GPUs from NVIDIA or ATI.

The new PCI Express PhysX card will not feature any upgrades from the previous PCI version. Ageia also released a new version of SDK today that contains its own “Realitymark” benchmarking system. There’s little-to-no reason to buy this card, maybe Ageia should consider spending its time and money upgrading its PhysX card to be compatible with more games, not releasing new benchmarking programs.

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