USBCell is just a great idea …

Every now and then a really great idea comes along that makes you go “now why didn’t I think of that”. Probably the last innovation in this genre was the Windup Radio.

USBCELL is a AA battery that simply plugs into any USB port to recharge. No longer do you need to throw away used batteries or lug the chargers or adpators for rechargeable batteries.

With over 15 billion batteries needlessly thrown away each year, and with the increasing demand for portable power by modern electronic devices – the humble battery simply hasn’t caught up with the needs of modern life.

USBCell is a product of Moixa Energy (UK) Ltd which was founded by Simon Daniel and Chris Wright.

“Our mission is to invent and deliver technologies that provide consumers with better solutions for their mobile or home power requirements that are more usable, economic and environmentally friendly.”

MobileCrunch has a longer review of the USBCell following their successful showing at DEMO what’s also interesting to see are the other future products coming from Moxia.