The TechCrunch Products Index

I’ve launched an index of companies and products that have been written about here on TechCrunch. This is a much quicker way of finding information on things I’ve written about than using

BillMonk – Social Money

BillMonk is a new service that allows people to easily keep track of financial debts among friends. It’s a simple idea and they’ve executed well. The idea is a user who wants to report a d

Ning – R.I.P.?

What happened to Ning? It was the perfect service at the perfect time. Mashups are hot right now. Really hot. David Berlind oversold his MashUp Camp in a week and now has an impressive waiting list fo

Bluepulse called "Meebo for your phone"

People are calling Australia-based BluePulse the “meebo of cell phones” and they may be right – although it is also a platform that allows developers to build phone access to just ab

YouTube Acquisition Rumors

UPDATE: (Jan. 19) I am now 95% sure this rumor is innacurate after receiving yet more information. UPDATE: (Jan. 18) This rumor is highly speculative at this point after reading additional emails I&#8

Naked Conversations Party at TechCrunch

UPDATE: This event is now full. I apologize to everyone who did not get on the wiki list. The fifth TechCrunch Meetup is on Friday, February 17, 2006 at the TechCrunch house in Atherton, California. W

August Capital Bets on VideoEgg

VideoEgg is announcing that it has closed a venture round with August Capital, and David Hornik has joined the board of directors. They are not disclosing the size of the round or the valuation, altho

FeedXS – RSS for Everyone

Netherlands-based FeedXS, which launched today, forces you to think about RSS in it’s purest form: a way to broadcast content. Jeroen Bertrams, one of the founders (the other founder is Hans Vel

TailRank is Looking Good

Kevin Burton’s TailRank is making real gains against blog-news innovator Memeorandum, which I wrote about here and here. Memeorandum and TailRank are both trying to aggregate blog and other edge


<img style="float: right" src=''class="shot2" alt="" /Fleck is either a joke, or a real service

TagWorld Does Video, Too

Santa Monica-based TagWorld, a MySpace competitor, launched an admirable music product last month. Tomorrow they launch video and an upgraded upload client (the uploader is PC only for now). As an asi

Nuvvo Takes on Open Source Moodle

The online Learning Management System space is set to grow massively over the coming years as more and more education takes place on the web. Nuvvo launched a few days ago with an interesting service

Yahoo Acquires SearchFox Assets

Reliable sources are reporting that SearchFox, which announced that it will be shutting down as of January 25, 2006, has sold its assets to Yahoo. At least some of the employees have moved over to Yah

The Issue

“News 2.0” sites are launching faster than I can keep up. Gather is the most recent. Gather is a social news site that allows user to submit content and generate a revenue share based on a

Revisiting YubNub

I wrote about Jon Aquino’s YubNub back on June 13. It was just two days after I started the blog, and so not many people read that post. Lot’s of people know about YubNub though. It is an

Podzinger Launches, Moves Podcast Search Forward

Podzinger, which I wrote about briefly last month along with two other services, officially launched a couple of days ago. Podzinger is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts In my post last month, admitte

Dogster Turns Two

Dogster, led by founder and CEO Ted Rheingold, turned two years old yesterday. The company is located in San Francisco. Dogster is a home page site just for dogs. You can see the page for my dog, Lagu

More Info on Microsoft "Expo" Beta

Microsoft has renamed its Fremont project to “Expo” and have put up a landing page, complete with a request for email once it launches. They have also included a screenshot: The Expo team,

Three New Classifieds Companies

I’ve been watching three new web 2.0 classifieds sites – BlockRocker, rbloc and theadcloud. And for those of you who say I focus on silicon valley companies, I have a surprise for you &#82

A New Blog is Born – MobileCrunch

I am very pleased to announce a new TechCrunch Network blog – MobileCrunch. MobileCrunch is being written by long-time “mobile” blogger and entrepreneur, Oliver Starr. Oliver just le
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