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At 30 years of age, I’m experiencing what’s often referred to as “middle age spread”, meaning my size 32 pants no longer fit. I finally see why my fellow geeks wear T-shirts emblazoned with dragons and wolves and Geordi La Forge: it distracts the eye from the Mountain Dew belly.

I don’t want to be one of those guys, I look bad in shirts with Xbox logos. But I spend ten hours a day sitting at a desk, and drive my ass everywhere (edit: Hickey has a drivable ass. – Blake). And I’m too busy for a gym. I’ve been hoping for a solution, and the nice people at Slim Geek have come up with a something that looks perfect.

It’s a desk with a built-in recumbent exercise bicycle. It is a work of genius. Don’t let the circa-1997 Compaq 5800-series computer in the logo fool you, friends, these people obviously know their target audience. There’s even a girl in the photo. Yes, that’s what they look like, and after a few weeks at this desk, maybe you can meet one someday.

Geek-a-Cycle [Slim Geek]

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