Yahoo! has acquired Jumpcut

The Yahoo! family expanded again today with the acquisition of online video editing service Jumpcut. Here’s the Jumpcut post on the announcement and here’s the Yahoo! Search post. Based in San Francisco and launched just six months ago, Jumput specializes in letting users remix videos already online or edit their own video with its interface. Mike Arrington gave the company a good review when it launched, writing that it was even better than Motionbox – a service he called the best yet for sharing online video just days before Jumpcut launched.

Yahoo! Video
already has one of the biggest video search indexes online and will be all the more compelling with the added ability to remix posted content and edit original video online.

The terms of the deal are not being disclosed, although our guess is that Yahoo paid nowhere near the $65 million in cash that Sony recently spent to acquire Grouper, a video sharing site with a P2P focus. Wether the Jumpcut acquisition was large or small – it’s very cool. It’s one more example of the growing importance of remix culture and online video.