PepperPad 3 Pre-Happiness

We got our hands on a PepperPad 3 last week and we just got the go-ahead to write about, so we decided to do a quick pre-review discussion and go into a full review later this week. The PepperPad 3 is an Internet tablet with Bluetooth, WiFi, a full QWERTY keyboard, and a Linux OS. It makes a great kitchen/living room computer and is excellent for web surfing and email.

The reason I’m holding off on the full review is that I haven’t quite discovered all of the PepperPad’s secrets yet. The screen you see here is the main window with a set of applications. If you didn’t want to delve any further, you’ll find that everything you need is right there. However, this thing clearly has a few tricks up its sleeve. With a built-in hard drive and bright touchscreen, the PepperPad is a pretty interesting device and I can’t wait to explore its curvaceous curves further.

Product Page [Pepper]