GTA Blamed In Another Court Case

It seems as though we’re never going to get passed that whole “blaming actions on violent media outlet” phase. Just how many times can Marilyn Manson and Doom be blamed for things going extremely wrong?

Back in 2004, Cody Posey was convicted of killing his father, stepmother and stepsister after years of mental and physical abuse. So what went on at Cody Posey’s trial today? Check it out:

Lawyers today said Posey would not have committed the murders if he hadn’t played the “murder-simulation device” Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Circling the courthouse is Miami attorney and anti-game crusader Jack Thompson, who has descended upon New Mexico and is aiding the lawyers in the suit.

Not only has the finger been pointed at Rockstar Games, but the lawyers have stated that Sony Computer Entertainment and Take-Two Interactive are also at fault. Sounds like video games are going to take another hit, and lawyers are going to get to walk away with their pockets full.

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