Verizon's KRZR Drop Imminent

Your RAZR is about to (officially) suck. The over-produced, now-tacky cellphone icon is so everywhere, it now has about as much “cool” attached to it as tickets to a K-Fed concert. Fortunately, it’s about to be replaced by the new Motorola KRZR (Crazer), the follow up to the RAZR (Razor). It appears that Verizon Wireless will be the first camp to bring the long-rumored KRZR to market, and it should drop any day now. Other carriers (all of them, most likely) should getting in on the action soon, but with Verizon’s test site already showing an interactive Flash-based manual, they look as if they’ve beaten the others to the punch.

The KRZR is very RAZR-ish, bit is thinner across the face (as I wish I was). It has most of the same features as the latest RAZR, including EVDO, a 1.3 Megapixel camera, and an MP3 player with MicroSD storage. The KRZR adds some very Chocolate-like touch-sensative hidden media buttons to the front, and brings DUN via Bluetooth to the masses.

If you’re a fan of the current slim RAZR, this phone is for you. It’s got a decent features list in a small, small phone, and should be quite popular. And, once you’ve gotten yours, you can openly mock those RAZR users as being so 2006.

KRZR [On Verizon’s Test Site, via Phone Arena]