Stop Buying Petrol… and Start Wasting Money

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It’s not every day that we get scams wrapped in press releases. Scammers usually try to use more obtuse methods of spreading the good news like flyers posted to lampposts and stickers on cars that say “Sell Herbalife and Make $5 billion! I did!” However, this RamJet crap is quite an old scam and even includes a helpful book on how to “How To Develop Fuel For As Low As $0.59 – US$0.50 Per Gallon after sell off of bi-products.” I can make a fuel for $0.59, actually, as long as I have a bucket and a big balloon.

I’m not going to link directly to this joker so he doesn’t get the Google love, but you can check out the fun at http://www.stop buyi ng gasa, provided you spell gasoline correctly. What was that about suckers and every minute?

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