Zune vs. iPod: Tale of the Tape

When there’s a fight, we go crazy. Blake here at Crunch Gear has been running a cockfighting league in his basement for three years now, just for the conflict. It makes good money, sure, but nothing’s better than putting two prime competitors head-to-head, mano-a-mano and letting them slug it out.

And that’s what Michael at My Tech Lists did with the Zune and the iPod. He took their similarities and differences, put them in the ring, and let the go to town, comparing iPod’s lack of FM tuner against Zune’s shorter battery life, the iPod’s Clickwheel against Zune’s size. It’s fairly comprehensive, but seeing as the Zune isn’t even a product you can buy yet, it’s likely we’ll see a rematch before Xmas.

The winner in the end is the iPod, though the Zune does have a pretty decent showing and can hold it’s pugilistic head up high. No word on if iPod is up against Mr. Sandman or Mike Tyson next, but our money is on iPod keeping the title, at least until early next year.

Zune vs iPod: Which player is right for you? [My Tech Lists]