Event: Mashup debate on Digital LifeStyle Aggregators

If you are in London this week, there is the next in the Mashup Series where the topic this time is Digital LifeStyle Aggregators. DLA’s are personal homepages for your browser that enable you to aggregate all the information sources you want in one place. On the panel for this event are Tariq Krim (CEO & Founder) of Netvibes and Marc Canter (CEO & Founder) of People Aggregator.

I think it will be very interesting to hear what Tariq plans to do with his recently acquired $15m and how he intends to compete against the GYM club personal homepages. The evenings keynote speaker is BT Retail’s Stephen Stokols, the recently appointed Vice-President of strategy and business development, who will be outlining BT Retail’s new web strategy. This speech is especially timely given the recent announcement by BT that they will be offering a social networking and podcasting service.

Mashup is on 21st September 2006 and registration is promptly from 6:00pm with the evening expected to finish around9:00pm. The location is BT Centre, St Paul’s, London EC1A 7AJ.(51:30:57N 0:05:53W)


Photos from last nights event can be found here.