Zillow Adds User Generated Home Information

Seattle based Zillow is a website that allows people to get information on 68 million homes in the United States (such as an estimated value, size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc.). On Wednesday morning they are releasing new features which will allow users to contribute updated and detailed information about their own homes to Zillow’s national database.

This owner information will appear on an information page about a property along with Zillow gathered information (see screen shot below). If some of the information about a home is incorrect or outdated, users will have the opportunity to correct that. Additional information on valuation can also be included, and Zillow will use that information in determining an updated estimate of the home’s value.Before adding any information users must complete a verification process to claim a home.

I would expect people to be aggressive about updating Zillow information when they put their home up for sale.

Zillow continues to innovate and execute well. They’ve raised a massive $57 million in venture funding to date, and are deeply integrated into Yahoo Real Estate. Our previous posts on Zillow are here.