Lost Your Cellphone? It Can Scream For You

Ok, we’re not sure exactly how (or if) this works, but Synchronica has developed a way to make your stolen cellphone scream. And when we say scream, we mean scream.

If you’re a customer of their Mobile Manager software, and your phone is stolen or lost, you can have them activate the theft feature. It locks your phone, deletes all personal information you’ve flagged as private, and emits an ear-piercing scream, prompting the thief to drop the phone, or a nearby good Samaritan/exorcist to find it, return it, or cast it into a volcano.

This built-in feature is part of their software suite you run on your syncML-compatable phone, so the one in your pocket might run it now. No word on availability in the US, but we’ll keep you posted.

It’s a Scream! [Synchronica]