X-Arcade Tankstick

I love these things. My friend used to have one back in the Dreamcast days and we’d play “Marvel Vs. Capcom” for hours and hours. Ah memories.

Anyway, X-Arcade is releasing a newly redesigned version of its popular arcade controller. It features two joysticks with eight buttons each and a trackball, making it compatible with most arcade games. The Tankstick is 30-inches wide, weighs 20-pounds and is made from heavy-duty industrial grade materials, which X-Arcade claims are indestructible. Whether it’s truly indestructible or not is sort of irrelevant, because X-Arcade backs it up with a lifetime warranty. It comes with a USB connector for use with PC and Mac, but adapters are available for XBOX, PS2, Dreamcast and GameCube–No word on next-gen compatibility.

X-Arcade Tankstick Classic Gaming System [Mobile Whack]