DigiMate III: USB Card Reader on Steroids

USB card readers are handy, handy gadgets. You’ve got your cellphone, Treo, who-knows-how-many digital cameras (Five for yours truly), and they all take different types of removable media. Reading and writing data to these little silicon wafers is the job of your multi-card reader, but that’s about all it does.

Enter the DigiMate III. It’s a USB-2 multi-card reader (SD, MMC, MiniSD, Memory Stick, CF, Microdrive, XD), but it’s also got a touch screen for previewing and manipulating your data, as well as support for a 2.5″ laptop harddrive, and a battery pack, so you can back your stuff up on the go. It’s not just an interface, it’s a data manager, and looks pretty slick to boot.

The DigiMate III costs less than $50 from USB Geek, and works with your various flavors of Windows and Mac OS.

DigiMate Touch Screen Version [USB Geek]