Paint-on, apply directly to the wall. Paint-on, apply directly to the wall. Paint-on, apply directly to the wall.

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So you’ve got your high-def digital projector for your home theater. Cool. But projecting your hentai onto Mom’s wall paper just won’t cut it. For a real home-theater experience, you need a high-quality screen. They’re out there, but why not use real estate you already have? Like that wall?

Goo Systems has developed a high-tech solution that allows you to watch your high-definition content on the flat surfaces you already have easily: Paint.

Not just any paint from Home Depot, though. Their Screen Goo comes different shades, some for a brighter picture, some for better contrast, depending on your needs and set up. What makes them special is a blend of proprietary chemicals in the paint that increase both relfection and contrast.

You can buy it by the bucket and roll it on yourself, or they can hook you with an installer. It could make a good weekend project, and with Lost and America’s Next Top Model starting up very soon, now would be a good time to paint your screen.

Screen Goo [Goo Systems]

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