Cornell Developing Bacteria Finding "Nano-Napkin"

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Looks like today is nano technology day for me. A research team at Cornell University has announced its work on a “nano-napkin,” which would be able to detect certain bacteria or viruses. The idea sounds simple enough, binding nanofibers to antibodies in an attempt to use the napkain to locate specific bacteria. The example the team gives is of a meat packing plant. “…If you’re working in a meat-packing plant, for instance, you could swipe it across some hamburger and quickly and easily detect E. coli bacteria.” The napkin will change color and you’ll know you’ve got some bad meat. Cool.

Biodegradable napkin – featuring sensitive nanofibers – may quickly detect biohazards from avian flu to E. coli, says Cornell scientist [Cornell via Medgadget]

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