Blufr tests your b.s. radar

Blufr is a cool little site that makes true and false statements about history, science, geography and other topics. Some of the statements are true and some are bluffs (untrue), if you can tell which are which you win points and climb up the Blufr scoreboard. site comes from, though it also accepts user submissions. It’s a great example of a large knowledge base put to use in a compelling way. Who knew that an online dictionary and encyclopedia could be so engaging? I don’t know if Answers is collecting the data they get from the game and putting it to use like the Google Image Labeler is. All of these sorts of services underline why I think the Q and A sites, and their APIs, are more than just a place to get help as an individual.

Did you know that catsup was sold in the United States as a patented medicine in the 1830’s? It was known as “Dr. Miles’ Compound Extract of Tomato.” Or was it?