Nintendo DS 40GB Hard Drive Mod

So you bought a Nintendo DS, and now you’re wishing you had a PSP. The DS just doesn’t have the storage capacity to watch those illegally downloaded midget porns, or listen to that new Yanni record that everybody’s talking about. Well, one of our Canadian neighbors has come up with a solution that might appeal to you. Take the thing apart, take all the IDE connections from the CompactFlash connection and solder them to your IDE hard drive contacts. Give the thing a little extra juice from a 11.1V li-poly battery, and you can put any hard drive you want on it. Now, it isn’t the prettiest mod I’ve ever seen and it’s not incredibly mobile, but it is a good example of what a little hard work, some determination and no sex life can do for you. Besides, who doesn’t want porn on 2 screens at the same time?

IDE to NDS Connection []