Digg Mobile, Inspired by Dave Winer

Digg launched a bunch of mobile friendly sites today, all accessbile at diggriver.com/about. Technology stories, for example, can be viewed here. All graphics and other unnecessary information has been completely stripped off this data, allowing it to load on a mobile device as quickly as possible.

This site is an experiment to see how we can make digg news easily available to mobile web browsers.

We display the latest popular stories on digg, updated continuously, as stories are available. You can read the news on a Blackberry, Treo, or cell phone on the train, in the line at the grocery, or in a boring meeting.

What’s interesting (and cool) is that Digg thanks Dave Winer in the footer of the page, saying “Props to Dave Winer for popularizing the idea of the river of news, again!”. As usual, Dave has been imagining a better way to do things. Recently, he’s turned his attention to mobile applications, which we covered recently.

Simple is better. This stuff is dead simple and it works. Perfect.

Our previous coverage of Digg is here.