Xbox 360 Price to Decrease Annually

It looks like the Xbox 360’s going to come down in price year by year. Microsoft VP of the Xbox Product Group Todd Holmdahl mentioned the price decrease to Reuters. This makes plenty of sense, as the world starts to see how much the PS3 is going to cost, they will be reminded that the 360 is getting cheaper and cheaper. Hell, it’ll be half as cheap as Sony’s machine when it comes out.

Corporate VP Holmdahl says the 360 will be reduced yearly as the price war hots up even before launch

Having lost almost $4 billion on launching the Xbox, Microsoft aims to break even within two years with the Xbox 360. And in another aggressive move, the company is stating it is committed to reducing the price of its new machine on a yearly basis.

Speaking to Reuters, Todd Holmdahl, corporate vice president of the Xbox product group stated: “We will wind up cost-reducing the product every year,” and given the use of licensing technology rather than buying off the shelf components, Microsoft should easily be in a position to do so.

Edit: Unfortunately, the price remains high. I tried to buy one last week and was disappointed to realize that the pro system was still at $399. Hopefully those prices will drop soon,

Xbox 360 Price To Drop On A Yearly Basis []