UK Theatergoers Want to Jam Your Phone, Hate Your Freedom

Apparently 72 percent of British theatergoers would like theaters to block cellphone reception during the show, thereby avoiding the typical in-movie conversation which consists solely of “I’m in a movie. What? A movie. Oh, I don’t know. It’s pretty good. What?”

Clearly, this poll isn’t the reality and the moment anyone tried to jam a phone during a screening of Shrek 12: Donkey Gets Some, there will be all sorts of hell to pay. However, the lady wife and I actually stopped going to our local theatre because the youngsters apparently think that when the movie starts it’s time to make plans for Labor Day weekend, discuss the Middle East crisis, and hold a panel discussion on their classmates’ choice of wardrobe. God, I’m getting old.

Anyway, where else should we jam cellphones? Please discuss.

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