Radar.net: Moblogging for Friends, Family

, a beta mobile photo system that is designed for sharing photos and comments with friends and family rather than with bored exhibitionist couples in deepest Wisconsin.

<img src="https://beta.techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/01/the inside of a pocket. Phone cams were useful little toys, fun for a moment or two and then forgotten. Radar, however, seems to be changing that equation.

Radar allows each user to have their own photostream. You receive a personalized email address and then MMS or email your photos to the stream. They show up immediately and your friends can place your stream on their main Radar page and comment on your images. The system can send emails when your friend’s streams are updated – it’s fully configurable – and images show up almost immediately upon transmission.

The best part, however, is the social aspect. If you have friends and/or family, you all can share your images and comment on each one. For example, we’re obviously going to be taking pictures of the baby in various states of cuteness, so we’d share the stream with the in-laws, sisters, brothers, et al. Everyone gets to comment within that closed group. You can also block people from seeing certain photos – perhaps the lady wife and I want to have a mobog moment – and place users into groups for easy administration.

Radar also has a set of clients for various phones, including a Java client that can take control of your camera and transmit images without having to select them manually. The clients are fairly slick, with all the functionality found on the website squashed onto a tiny screen.

The site is obviously still in Beta, but it’s very usable. Plans include adding ads down the line as well creating a premium service. Getting your images off of Radar’s servers should also be an upcoming addition.

Overall, an interesting and useful tool for actually using your cameraphone for something other than taking pictures of furniture at Ikea for later perusal.