Pantech Launches Satellite DMB Phone, U.S. Not Invited

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It’s always nice to see what we can’t have sometimes. Take this little DMB phone for example. It flips open like a Sidekick so you can watch DMB video through satellite connections and maybe do a little long form texting. While we’ll never see this here, it’s a pretty cool – if derivative – design.

The LCD display is designed to pop up automatically at a 30 degree angle when users push a button next to the screen, optimizing user’s angle of view. The display adds significantly to users’ enjoyment of movies and TV programs, maximizing the user-friendly nature of the phone. The 2.6-inch wide QVGA LCD is the largest display featured on a DMB handset in Korea, further augmenting the portable TV viewing experience.

A guy can dream, right?

Pantech to Launch ‘Auto Pop-up Display’ Satellite DMB Phone [SlashGear]

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