Canon EOS 40D Info Leaked

Canon is allegedly upgrading the EOS series to 40D on September 26th. The new camera will potentially have a 10.1-megapixel sensor, a 2.5-inch LCD and that anti-dust feature. Not much else right now, but we can assume the 30D will go down about $100 – just like with the Rebel XT – and this one will be priced at 30D levels, about $1,300. The image, BTW, is a mock-up.

UPDATE – Canon doesn’t like us tell you not to shop. Here’s the news straight from the horses’ mouth:

Please know that this camera is not scheduled for a release anytime soon that we know of, or if it even being developed at this time. The EOS 30D is still current, and will remain so for a while. I am sorry to say that your writer may have been misinformed.
While we are no strangers to internet rumors, We ask you to please remove your posting on this camera, because it instructs consumers to not buy the EOS 30D, which we feel is not a good business practice.

Canon EOS 40D [Fosfor Gadgets]